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ICSL can provide a “one stop logistics service” for all its customers across the Oil and Gas project lifecycle from its new Intercontinental Point Lisas Facility (IPLF). With our acquisition of the ex-Shell Lubricating Plant at Point Lisas, we have the facilities and the technical/managerial capability in Point Lisas to offer a full spectrum of oil and gas shore-based and offshore services


This lubricating plant is located next to the Port of Point Lisas which is owned by Plipdeco and operated by NEC. We have a tankage totalling 40,000 bbls, a dedicated quayside at the Port of Point Lisas with a dedicated 1.6 km 8” pipeline connecting from the pier to our facility to allow for easy transfer of product

These services include:

  • Laydown Yard Storage

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Project Office Support

  • Staging Area for Offshore Development Projects

  • Materials Management for Offshore Drilling, Development & Production Activities


  • 8.5 acres or 370,000 square feet

  • 2.8 acres of fenced laydown area with 2 access points

  • 10,000 square feet of offices

  • Adjoining 9,000 square foot warehouse,

  • QA/QC laboratory adjoining the plant building

  • Approximately 40,000 square ft. warehouse space

  • Plant connected to Savonetta Pier by 1.6km 8” pipeline

  • Dedicated Quayside – 1.5 km transfer distance

  • Tankage totaling 40,000 bbl.. of storage tanks

  • Consisting of 2 x 10,000 bbl. tanks, 2 x 6,700 bbl. tanks, and smaller tanks

  • 2 x natural gas boilers, 535 KVA diesel generator

IPLF MAP-01.jpg


  • Strategically located to allow for easy movement of goods and materials to the other Eastern Caribbean islands, Western Caribbean islands, Latin America etc

  • Located within the Point Lisas Industrial estate which allows cost effective and efficient import/export activities

  • Offers proximity to a quayside in Point Lisas Port for moving equipment offshore

  • Close staging area for planning all loadouts of drilling, craneage or storage of subcontractor’s tools and equipment

ICSL Map Caribbean-01.jpg

Strategic location advantages:

  • It minimizes transport needs beyond Point Lisas when offloading imports of casing or tubular shipments

  • It offers proximity to a berth for moving equipment offshore

  • Close staging area for planning all loadouts of drilling or development subcontractor’s equipment

  • Secure lighted facility with 24-hour security

  • Permanent or temporary office space and 24/7 access


  • 2.8 acres (121,968 sq. ft.) of laydown area with 2 access points

  • Asphalt roadway way access through to the 2 access points

  • Area fully fenced and is equipped with lighting

  • Ideally suited to store heavy machinery, equipment, tools, and materials

  • Loading/Offloading equipment can be made available as required

  • Suitable suited for staging of equipment for offshore upgrade/development projects

  • Project Offices can be accommodated in this area


  • Location has 10,000 sq. ft. of office space

  • Offices are fully air-conditioned

  • Offices carry both cubicle and private settings

  • Offices equipped with conference rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms amenities

  • A functional archive storage system is available


  • Location has 40,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space

  • Loading/Offloading Bay that accommodates 10 containers at any time

  • Warehouses also equipped to support offloading/loading of trucks, vans, trailers etc.

  • Thorough fare around warehouses

  • Two 2.5 tonne forklifts available

Laydown Yard


Intercontinental Point Lisas Facility

#1 Atlantic Avenue

Point Lisas Industrial Estate

Point Lisas, Trinidad W.I.

Tel: + 868-623-7919


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